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Let's talk about the big HOCO!

What color is her dress? What color is his tie? Will she like these flowers? Will this look good?


Homecoming is such an exciting time filled with so many crazy emotions! It may be your last Homecoming dance with your childhood friends, or it’s your first one and you can’t wait to wear that beautiful dress and dance the night away with your cute date. It is definitely going to be a night to remember… and we want your memories to last forever!


One of the classic insta-worthy moments is when the girl pins the boutonniere on the boy’s suit and the boy slides the corsage on the girl’s hand. Let’s be real here… those flowers start shriveling and falling off the minute you take them out of the box! By the end of the night, all you have left is a dead leaf, some ribbon, and tons of wonderful memories! 

The boutonniere/corsage is a gift for your date. Wouldn’t it be awesome that even after all his/her crazy moves on the dance floor the flowers would be as beautiful as when HOCO started? Or even better… Flowers that they can keep forever to remember you? That’s why The Heartfelt Florist created the HOCO'18 line! Handmade with the finest wool felt and available in gorgeous colors. It even brings its own storage bag so you can keep the corsage/boutonniere forever-and-always as a memento of this very special night!

Surprise him ...dazzle her